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Software Trial Version:

InPage is a worldwide most popular software available for languages such as Urdu, Persian, Pashto and Arabic under Windows and Mac.
It is the industry standard tools for page-making of Newspapers, Magazines & Books. It gives you many more features to design your page layout as you want.

However, if you are not sure about the product and you want to check it before buying, We also provide a software trial version for a week/limited days.
To get a trial version, email to us at info@inpage.com.
In this duration(trial version) you can use InPage™ on maximum 1 machine with basic Fonts provided in trial package.

After 7 days, your key will expire, and you will get this message:

Figure: InPage™ Key Expired

To further use InPage™ package and featured Fonts, you can anytime upgrade to full version of the application and purchase desired fonts by proceeding through payments either by specifying to us where we will provide you a link for payment or you can proceed through our website(http://www.inpage.com/Home/Buy).

Quick Installation Guide for Online version:

To get installation:
  • Download InPage™ Setup.exe which you received by mail in your machine.
  • Click on the InPage™ Setup.exe to start the installation process.
  • Once you have read the information of “END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT”,click on “Accept”button to continue with the installation.

Figure: Accept the Agreement dialog box

  • If you receive the message of security on the top of Dialog box, proceed with a right-click Allow blocked content….

Figure: End User License Agreement

  • You will be prompted with a dialog box, here you can click on Yes if you agree or No if you disagree with the Security Warning.

Click “Yes” to proceed over Security Warning window.

Figure: Security Warning

  • This will take you to the Installing InPage™ window ……

Figure: Installation of InPage™

  • Once you complete with the installation,you will be asked to restart your machine. Please ensure to restart before you run InPage™ in your system.

Figure: Installation Complete

  • InPage™ is ready to use. Congratulations!
  • Launch InPage™ 3.51 from START button by using Right-Mouse-Click and selecting Run As Administrator (If you use Left-Mouse-Click by mistake, press Cancel in validation dialog and launch InPage™ in this way for the first time only).
  • The dialog box will appear as shown:

Figure: Product Key dialog.

  • Enter the Product Key provided with the setup sent via email or click on “Request Key “for a fresh key and you will receive a message as displayed :

Figure:Key sent message

  • Please check for product Key only in the registered Email account.
  • After entering the key click on “Validate”to proceed or click on “Cancel”if you wish to exit.

Figure :InPage™ Key Validation

Figure: InPage™ launch

  • A new page in InPage™ will look like this:

Figure: InPage™ document

  • InPage™ screen is open for use. You can choose the keyboard of choice from the dropdown by clicking on the onscreen keyboard symbol displayed in the task bar.

Support and Contact Information

Visit Contact for more information. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Figure: Contact Us

Send an email to info@inpage.com to let us know what you like about the product and what you would like to see in the product. Or, if you encounter problems with this software. Make sure you provide enough detail so that the bug can be easily duplicated.